Art / photography / psychology

don’t call me photographer

I don’t like the word “photographer”.

Photography – is profession, that forces person, who had chosen it, to a specific relation with photo and with this creative world. It, as any other profession, imposes its dogmas. I like to work with light, I like faces, people’s expressions and emotions. Photo camera is my fiddlestick to catch the best in people.

Psychology and Aesthetics.

Photography for me – is the best instrument to learn psychology of a person, his/her inner world and relations with the world. Camera doesn’t cheat, you can’t hide anything from it, and that’s the greatest part of this device. Camera gives me opportunity to see this world more clear, and it’s not because I wear glasses))) you know))

in design and advertising.

I use it as one of the instruments for turn my ideas to life. But we are not talking about it now, we are talking about what photography for me is. For me it’s not a way to earn money, - it’s the way to see.
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currently work:
McCann Moscow
Senior Digital Art Director
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